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Espacio PROA

Painting Drawing Installation Performance
Video Art Photography 

PROA starts activities by May 2015 as a space looking for replies to all kind of problems found around a cultural contemporary environment. It is founded by Lydia Garvín, Marco Prieto and Álvaro Quintana, fellow students at the Fine Arts School, who —when looking for a venue to start their own personal output— finally find a place where they stablish what nowadays is PROA. From their very beginning, critical spirit and liquid activities were framed thru out dialogue, honesty and alternative concepts.

By 2014 Lydia Gavin graduates in Fine Arts at Madrid’s CES Felipe II (UCM) and decides to focus her activity on non-official formal training, management, scenography, and her own artistic projects. She and Marco Prieto create PROA, a flexible working space, open to the rest of cultural agents, by offering talks, lectures or exhibitions.


Lydia was a member of La Joven Compañía, the official company of the Conde Duque entity, working at their Scenography and building departments and starting her own career in audio-visual artistic direction and atrezzo. She has participated in research and working groups linked to the official Comunidad de Madrid as Sin Créditos or Laboratorio de Investigación y Experimentación museográfica at Alcalá 31.



- +130 m² space

- Natural light

- Split in working and shared areas; workshop, stage, storage, kitchen, and bathroom.

- Basic tools for Wood, painting, trimming and scenography building. 

- Working table

- Easels

- Wifi



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