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In R.A.R.O. we question the role of residency and its multiple formats.

Our usual format proposes linking with other artists and itinerancy within the local scene of Buenos Aires. However, we feel that part of the creative experience also occurs when we isolate ourselves and give space to silence and reflection. In addition to that, we welcome Short Experiences in our Itinerant Residency program.

What are Short Experiences?

Short Experiences are residency formats of reduced durations, typically ranging from one to three weeks. Interested artists can choose a studio to work in each week on the production of their artwork alongside local artists. During the residency period, there's often exploration of city spaces and visitings. Unlike traditional long-term programs, this format doesn't include an exhibition or open studio at the end of the residency, nor does it involve curatorial support.

Who Can Participate?

Artists, curators, arts administrators, and other art professionals are welcome to participate.

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How to participate?

Send an email with the subject line: "Short Experience R.A.R.O. 2024" to

In the email, include your portfolio, a letter of intent explaining your motivations for participating, and a presentation of 1 existing or new personal project that you're interested in working on during the experience.

Until when can I participate?

The call for submissions is currently open for experiences to be conducted any time during 2024.

If you still have questions, even after carefully reading this page and reviewing the various options offered in our program, please do not hesitate to contact us at It will be a pleasure to provide you with more information so that you can come to R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires.

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