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Gabriela Acha (Córdoba, Argentina)
Gabriela has a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Córdoba and a master's degree in ArtScience from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. Gabriela delves into the union between art and nature in her works. During her residence at R.A.R.O. Buenos Aires she worked at Espacio Camargo with María Colombo and at Hernán Rojo's atelier, creating a collection of resin-coated plants inviting to think about the ways of preserving ephemeral objects and how these ways more often than not, fail in time. At the end of her residency she showed her work in a group exhibition at Mansion Boero and within the framework of Gallery Day in Palermo, at Espacio Paraguay.


Ways to Register the Landscape


"A form without a gaze is a blind form. It needs the look, of course, but looking does not mean simply seeing ... ".


Reserva is presented as a sample of imaginaries, a place built by artists to anchor that visual material that that surrounds them and that usually fades in time and memory.

Developing a kind of personal and capricious collecting, where objects, studies and essays of pieces of desire are exhibited, artists recover and restore what crosses them.

Some actions such as sustaining plant time, studies of everyday ruins, and the construction of fantasized species make up this shared universe.

From the naturalists, the landscape that surrounds us is registered as a form of knowledge. But: Where is the gesture of "holding" the images, freezing them and turning them into relics?

The image will always be enigmatic and dark. In a world of torn imagination, where we have too much information, Reserva appeals to the construction of new records.

The image will be filtered, however, and from it will remain only the desire to possess it, to decode it, to understand it, everything else will be power.


Florencia Nieto.

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