Miriam Cross

In the seventeenth century young artists began to travel the world to know the great works of art of the moment, nourish themselves from faraway places previously known only by stories. They were study trips where the idea was to approach that unknown and to bring something new back home.

The figure of the traveling artist also appears in the first scientific expeditions. The tall palms and colorful butterflies of the tropics seduced those draftsmen who came down from the ships, which traveled islands, vast territories.

In the contemporary world artistic residences are not a very different space from that of the seventeenth century: an artist travels to a new and alien region, arrives with a project, with an investigation and a work, which is destined to mutate when he makes contact With the new ground on which he will work. The residence of artists is a space, both contemplative and work, where the artist is a sponge that absorbs a new universe. For an artist in residence the journey is another heart of the work.


Miriam Cross arrived in Buenos Aires on June 12 "I am from Montana, yes, I have horses and a house in the mountains", it was the first thing she said to introduce herself and we could immediately build the landscape from where she comes. His work, developed during this month at Casa Omar with David Petroni and Antonin Hako, in Caffarena 86 with Margarita Romero and in the workshop of Julián Pesce, part of the research of patterns present in nature to find the fractals and the Geometry in that which surrounds us. Miriam seeks in the microscopic landscape a figure that can repeat from micro to macro to infinity, setting up new colorful structures that lead us to think that nature is not only bucolic and chaotic but within this entropy there is an ordered and mathematical cosmos.  


The artists who have been with Cross during their experience in R.A.R.O - Buenos Aires, accompany her in this final instance: Antonin Hako (France) shows with her work, and Julian Pesce is in charge of live music. To this is added VLACQ.TV (Natalia H.) with his visuals. His company enhances the idea of ​​network and construction together that comes with the experience of the residences of R.A.R.O.   With the experience of Miriam Cross, once again, we have verified that from the residence the artist immerses himself in a new reality that contributes and enriches his process.  


There are as many different worlds on earth as types of fractals.

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