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Multiple Editions

A unique space in Madrid with all the tools of a screen printing workshop. Keep in mind that you are able to develop large-format works here. It is the ideal place for pondering and developing elaborated projects, from prints to other more experimental pieces.  
Techniques: Printmaking, drawing, painting.

Multiple Editions specializes in artistic production, whether your idea involves original or serial works, in any format and material that you require. It includes 100 square meters with a designing area, a stamping area and a cutting/editing/isolating area, a bathroom, and a silk screening room.

After many years in different screen printing workshops in London, Diego Mena returned to Madrid to open his own workshop to promote screen printing in Spain and edit the work of national and international artists.

CV Diego Mena:

2002-2006 BA (Hons) in graphical design and illustration, London College of Communication, London.

2008-2012 printer at Bob Eight Pop and Lazarides Gallery, London

2012-2017 printer at K2 Screen, London

2017- current Master printer at Multiple Editions, Madrid


- 1 screen printing bench 120 x 90 cm
- 1 carrousel 4 arms 4 stations
- 2 drying racks
- 2 flat printing stations
- 1 large format printer for films and giclee
- various tables for multiple uses
- 1 cutting bench
- 1 big lightbox
- 1 exposure unit 170x210cm
- 1 washout booth
- various squeegees, coating troughs, inks, paper

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