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Nina Kunan






The name of the exhibition refers to the artists’ Nina Kunan and Mari Velasco transit through R.A.R.O’s art studios to develop their projects. This experience is to be understood as the essence of the creative process itself; during the residency program, the artists have improved artistically as well as personally.


Nina Kunan (Argentina) is a visual artist and mural painter. During the residency program, she’s had the opportunity to create a multidisciplinary project in which paintings and supports play a major role.


The work exhibited here is a continuity of Nina’s artistic production prior to the residency program. The artist brings from Buenos Aires her obsession with documenting the shape of smoke clouds caught in the news, generally shown as a sign of crisis. This also talks about a personal artistic crisis; while Kunan doesn’t want to leave behind her passion for painting, she needs to look for new ways that allow her to experiment with installations and objects. Therefore, she has focused in painting with her hands and also tearing fabrics, breaking up conventional structures and using iron frames displayed in full sight.


As part of her project, Nina has also painted a mural in a public square, La Plaza de la Cebada, where irregular and dilapidated wall serves as a canvas for her art.


During her residency, Nina Kunan has worked at La Lavandería, Omnívoros and Madrid Street Art Project.



Transitando - Mari Velasco & Nina Kunan  29th July - 3rd August 2017. Galería Rizoma (Lavapiés, 22)





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