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Ruda Studio


Ruda Studio is a working place for designers and artists in Madrid. The place is split into two parts; upstairs it is dedicated to working and co-working places and at entrance level, you can find our serigraphy workshop for artists, members, residents, and teaching purposes. Rida’s main goal is to offer a nice atmosphere and a comfortable working space for Madrid based designers.

The studio was co-founded by Tuchi and Andi Concha on November 2017

The serigraphy workshop is split into 4 rooms: First, the paper room. A clean off-ink room to prepare the substrates. The second room is dedicated to generating silkscreen, having a long table with four serigraphy spaces and a four-arm octopus. The third room is the workshop and a room to blend the different inks. This room has six working places long table. The last room contents the exposure unit. There is a patio with a basin for the screens.


Andi Concha is one of the co-founders of Ruda Studio. She makes her own graphic works being director of 2-D animations as well. She has managed several workshops and is currently a teacher at the IE University. Andi studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, London.



- Paper area: cutting tables, shelves, planchas de corte, cutter, metallic ruler.


- Silkscreen area: Table, 4 working places, ink tables, basin, wooden shelf to let the squeegee, paper drying rack, four arms silk screen machine.


- Workshop area: Table with 6 places, ink table, silk screens area (17 textile & paper screens), light table, squeegees (10 different sizes), plotter (they don’t work acetates). Table to keep the emulsion and a fan to dry it and the exposure unit  ( 10 x 15 cm approx )


- Patio area: Hosepipe and Karcher. Recover and cleaning of screens.


- Kitchen


- Wi-fi


- Heating and air conditioning



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