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SONORAMA serves as both a space and a research and production platform in Arts and Technologies. It specializes in developing performative, object-based, or installation proposals, as well as in montage design and project writing.

The atelier is directed by Paula Guersenzvaig 

Paula Guersenzvaig


An artist, researcher, and educator, she serves as the academic coordinator of the Master's program in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts at UNTREF. She provides support in artistic research, production, installation design, and curation of exhibitions and events across various technopoetic research-production spaces and collectives (Sonorama, Casa Nubera, R.A.R.O., ESPACIO 404, Subaltern Geopoetics, HICCUP). Her artistic work explores the material dimension of sound and its relationship with perceptual and sociocultural environments, manifesting as situated actions, artifacts, and installations. Her work has been showcased in art centers and museums, and she has received support for developing projects and artistic residencies both locally and internationally.

Marlin Velasco

She is a sound and electrotextile artist, as well as a teacher and researcher at UNTREF. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture. Her work revolves around the field of sound art, new technologies, and soft media, exploring how this intersection generates multiple interpretations regarding the creation of new spaces through sound, listening, and abstraction. She creates her own artwork and collaborates on projects with others, while also supporting technological processes. She is a member of the Laboratory of Subaltern Geopoetics at UNTREF and the collectives SONORAMA and Electrohacedoras.


Painting/Drawing, Installation/Site Specific, Sculpture, Music, Video Art/Sound Art, Electronic Arts/Electrotextile/Urban Intervention (excluding murals).

Materials and Tools:


Microelectronics Equipment: Soldering irons with stands, magnifying glasses, and lights, adjustable power supplies, protoboards, various cables, connectors, alligator clips, desoldering tools, micro-pliers, testers.

Cutting and Material Manipulation Equipment: Table saws and miter saws, jigsaws, heat guns, inverter welders and protective masks, Dremels, bench drills, high-power drills, cordless drills, sanders, glue guns.

Hand Tools: Wire strippers, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, box cutters, measuring tapes, etc.

AV Equipment: 2 KRK RP5 G4 monitor speakers, 12-channel audio console, 17-inch monitor, mini projector, audio and computer cables.

Operating hours and days:

Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

* Atelier's keys available for the artists.

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