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Black Balance Studio

Photography  Drawing Painting Performance 
Video Art 

BlackBalance Project  was established in September 2014 by several artists who decided to get together to develop a common workplace. The aim is to promote artistic projects creating networks of multidisciplinary artists, pushing collaborations. The association is comprised of musicians, filmmakers, performers, photographers, plastic artists and artists in general. They want to keep growing and to be a space for knowledge sharing for the community. 

The studio is located in the neighborhood of Lavapies. It is an area of 50m2; 15m2 for an analogical photo lab and screen printing, 35m2 for common areas, set and office. It is a space specialized in analogical photography, digital photography, photographic set, printing, photo studio, paint, art, artistic projects presentation, social and art meetings.


The person in charge of Black Balance is Jose Abajo Izquierdo. He graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Castilla La Mancha and teaches photography, paint, and art. He’s been awarded very important prizes such a Accesit Injuve 2006, Seleccion Generacion 2002 Caja Madrid, and was the winner of Talens Pintura Fellowship in 2001 . His work is part of prestigious collections such as Madrid city council, Coleccion Visible or CAB Art Center Caja Burgos.



  • Multipurpose room

  • Darkroom

  • Bathroom with shower and hot water

  • Backyard

  • cameras, analog lab, and digital print.analogue

  • Materials and tools: lights, digital...

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