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Residency to be held in July / August 2024:


DEADLINE      -        June 5, 2024.

R.A.R.O.  is an international residency program for artists that stems from the need to create links and exchanges.

This 2024, our program expands to Bogotá!

Maintaining itinerancy as a residency dynamic, we have established a base of 11 local artist studios in Bogotá, where residents can come to develop their projects.

The key element of the residencies we propose is the possibility of working with different artists, curators, managers, and researchers in an itinerant manner for a determined period. This is crucial for generating spaces for dialogue and collaboration between participants and hosts. Alongside the work processes in each space, we create an agenda of activities such as visits to workshops, galleries, self-managed spaces, and other series of dialogue and exchange encounters within and outside Bogotá's artistic circuit.

Presentation of our book at Espacio Odeón, Bogotá, July 2023

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