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Kathy Devine

Kathy Devine (Sydney, Australia)

During her residency, Kathy Devine explored various materials and disciplines. The first part of her project was carried out at Gustavo Amenedo's atelier where she made a series of paintings, in this instance her search focused on technical exploration. After this, she went to work with Margarita Romero at Caffarena 86 in the neighborhood of La Boca, where her experience was crossed by the relationship with the context she lived in and her daily records in which she collected some of the materials that later went to Querida Elena, where she spent the last weeks of her residence preparing a performance that accompanied the installation she presented.

Curatorial Text


Every experience has a starting point, just like a line functions as a succession of points, Kathy’s work is composed by a series of repeated actions. The line as a starting point makes us reflect about the inner world’s connection to everything that surrounds it, previous experiences intertwined with the actions we carry out daily, rituals forming through the repetition of these actions and leading us to a concrete perception of reality.

The Calabi-Yau Form poses the possibility of contemplating reality as the succession of the energy points composing the universe, forming the shape through the connections generated between individuals, just like a dance, just like tango, shape is created through the concrete synchrony between our actions and the actions of others. One step at a time, Kathy’s work traces a path, it is made-up of itself, of the findings turned rituals, of our own course, which is never owned because it’s always generated in relation to others, to the object and the movement.

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