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Application deadline for residency to be held in May 2024:

March 10, 2024.

R.A.R.O.  is an international program of residencies for artists that starts from the need to generate links and exchanges.  


In the residencies we carry out, we contemplate artistic production and reflection in relation to synergies and multidisciplinary collaborations.  Our proposal is a delocalized and self-managed program that works through a containment network made up of 20 workshops of local artists willing to receive others in their spaces.  Our dynamics are mainly itinerant and linking.

Since 2014 we opened our doors in Buenos Aires, a city in which we have received more than 60th residents and where we had generated different scholarship programs for both Argentine and foreign artists, thus developing agreements with various institutions and contributing to the strengthening of production and music. exchange between disciplines.  

The key element of the residencies we propose is the possibility of working with different artists, curators, managers and researchers in an itinerant way during a certain time, this is key for the generation of spaces for dialogue and collaborations between those who participate and those who host them.  


In parallel to the work processes in each space, we generate an agenda of activities such as visits to workshops, talks, clinics, among others, that are complementary and that nurture the experience of each resident, allowing them to interact with different spaces and actors according to the nature of their own projects.

Latest news on what is happening in our residency program!

At R.A.R.O., we are passionate about challenging the conventions of the art residency world and exploring a variety of approaches.

Our traditional format involves collaborating with other talented artists and immersing ourselves in the vibrant art scene of Buenos Aires. However, we know that there is a spark of creativity that often ignites in the tranquility of isolation, amid silence and reflection.

With A ISLA, we invite you to join us in a unique experience lasting just a few days. Together, we will venture a few kilometers to El Pantano, a sanctuary on the Delta Island in the middle of the river. This shared adventure will allow us to delve deeper into the creative process of each artist.

Are you daring enough to immerse yourself in this quest for inspiration and self-exploration with us?

We are pleased to invite you to check it out the launch of our book R.A.R.O. Artistic Residencies Rarely Organized. Experiences 2014-2020 that took place within the framework of the Gallery Day of the Arts District on August 20, 2022 at Fundación Santander.