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How To Apply

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1. Explore the R.A.R.O.  Buenos Aires network of ateliers and choose where you want to develop your project. Visit: Ateliers.

2. Send a single PDF file to with the following information:

- Personal information.
- Curriculum Vitae: Education, exhibitions, awards, previous residences, etc.
- Statement of work.
- Project to be carried out, specifying the duration of the residence taking into account that the minimum is 3 weeks. (500 words maximum)
- Selected R.A.R.O. Ateliers and their relationship with the project to be carried out.
- Up to 10 images of work / In case of videos send link with passwords (if required).

3. Complete the online form.

4. Once the application has been submitted, the selection phase will begin, where both the R.A.R.O. team and the ateliers you have chosen will analyze your project and assess its feasibility.

5. Once your project has been accepted and budgeted, we will be waiting for you in Buenos Aires.
Remember that R.A.R.O. residences take at least 3 weeks to complete in at least two Ateliers and not all Ateliers have the same availability in terms of time.

At all times you will have the advice of the R.A.R.O. team

Residences are tariffs. The cost varies depending on the chosen Ateliers and the time of stay.

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