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EV6 workshop belongs to Espacio Vista in conjunction with other 12 workshops. It’s a place for artists coming from different fields to share space, experience, and knowledge. In this space, exhibitions are organized, being common to engage with the cultural movements of the neighborhood and the city. More specifically, EV6 is organized around two wide working tables with empty walls to place the output. They work with fabrics using textile techniques mainly with recycled materials, having a good supply of materials and diversified tools.

Andrea Hauer is Chilean/Austrian living in Madrid since 2001. She studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, but her main activity as an artist has been in Europe (Germany, Portugal and Spain). In Madrid, she followed doctoral studies on Art and Research followed by others on engraving and stamping at the school Arte 10. 


Her work has been defined by the use of vernacular materials and no conventional means to create. Her files, expressed through recycled materials, are extrapolated to an interest in the processes, the potential of the memory (her policy) and by reading the present throughout the usage and the experience of the techniques. This glance rules her artistic practice.


- Sewing machines. 

- Tools for working on textile.

- Tools and materials needed for serigraphy.

- Tools and materials needed for graphics.

- Tools and materials needed for oil painting, acrylic painting and watercolour painting.

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