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La Mera

A space committed to transmitting techniques such as cardboard or papier-mâché art, engraving, muralism, street art, collage and screen printing. We are more than willing to help you in your project, to create new artistic characters/personnas and to share knowledge.
Techniques: Painting, drawing,printmaking, installation, street art, carboard art and collage.

La Mera serves as a cultural alternative for the diffusion and creation of Mexican art in Madrid.

30 square meters of space compose this multipurpose area for production, classes, and events (21 square meters) and a production area for projects in which more privacy or space is needed (the mezzanine).


They specialize in the production and abstract painting lessons, hyperrealist painting, cardboard art, jewelry, muralism, screenprinting, engraving, street art, collage, and design.

José Teniente Torres is a Mexican painter, sculptor, and printmaker based in Madrid since 2010 and one of the artists working at La Mera. He studied Arts and Crafts at La Palma Art School and he has been part of the Artists in Residence of La Tabacalera since 2015. Together with Demian Abrayas, Otoniel Salas, and Manu Raval he founded La Mera AC, a Fine Arts studio dedicated to the artistic connection of Mexico and Spain.


- Engraving press/turntable (for small formats, maximum A3 size).
- Mezzanine with production space.
- 200 x 100 cm folding tables


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