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Nigredo Espacio

Installation Performance |Video ArtPhotography

Space for creation and exhibition/meeting point/net of the cultural tissue of the city, is a place where its members (artists, promoters, researchers) manage and plan the contents of the space, even though their stage there is for just one month, taking care in this way not only of different exhibition projects but the ongoing research projects continuously dynamized by their promoters as well.

Zony Gómez, one of the partners of Nigredo Espacio, is an artist who tries to generate all kind of parallelisms between the different elements that confirm the Visual Culture. By this, he looks for new relationships of ideas, focusing on net generation and offering new possibilities to other cultural agents.


In order to continuing exploring his own creative and vital interests, he followed the “Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture” at MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia), where he generated his own work throughout artistic research on performance (places to be represented and possibilities) by using several streaming platforms.


In 2014, he co-founded the artistic group Storm and Drunk (, a space willing to establish new relationships, cooperation, and dialogue with Madrid’s cultural net.


Being interested in ways of production and cultural networking at the city of Madrid, since 2016 he is involved in the project Nigredo Espacio.




  • Space of 90 m2 in two levels Street level, natural light Basement level (kitchen, living room, a place for exhibitions, a place for working and meetings

  • Overhead projector, Canon Cameras 7d, 550d

  • Tools: Drilling and Jigsaw

  • Different lighting elements

  • Tables, chairs, kitchen (sink, freezer, oven…)

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