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An open space where you can kiln, lathe and work with other colleagues. This is the place to be when you don't have your own workshop and as a plus, you can learn, share experiences and continue developing your ideas.
Techniques: Pottery.

PotteryGym started as the laboratory of Marphil Ceramics. So, in addition to offering training services and the rent of the space, the products sold by Marphil are sampled and tested for the ceramic artist. It also provides training at all levels, from initiation to specialized courses in all-ceramic techniques.

The class service includes materials and baking; the renting of the space does not.

Open space of 200 meters with all the necessary equipment for ceramics, 3d printing. Training, kilning service and the renting of the space are offered here, as well as technical advice.


- Open space of 200 square meters.
- Kilns
- Lathes
- Laminator
- Materials
- Work tables and shelves
- Washout booth
- Library
- Office

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