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Samantha Ferro (Genoa, Italy / Córdoba, Argentina)

Samantha Ferro is a visual artist. During her residency at R.A.R.O. she worked on "Invisible Bodies", a large format work composed by photography, textiles and installation. To carry out her chosen project, Samantha worked with Santiago Kimsa (E.P.A.) and Silvina Romero (Tacurú). At the end of this process, the work was exhibited at Espacio Cavallero in a group show where artists from her host studios also participated. The residency was possible thanks to the scholarship granted by R.A.R.O. and Fondo Nacional de las Artes.



Let's talk about the everyday, about those images presented yellowed to be remembered. A sequence of cycles that pass invisible.

Sometimes we are true mirrors of a time that is diluted, unnoticed and absent, but in the space of the known failures occur.

The everyday is fragile.

There are other things under the skin of things.

Cuerpos Invisibles looks to wonder: What images are disguised in everyday structures?, what are the fragrances of the walls around us?

How many times we awaken to the sensuality of the most vulgar images?


Rethinking what we believe is ordinary, is a tool to review the impossibles, this puts us in a new space-time, in the mysterious world of objects.


Bachelard tells us to take everyday as an act of reflection where art "is an unfolding of life, a kind of emulation surprises that excite our consciousness and prevent doze".


Remember from the suture, where the thread is the builder of places and memories, where one point piercing clarity and space is dimly lit, is wound, fingerprint and eye.


Cuerpos Invisibles, far from nostalgia proposed to celebrate the encounter with what we call living.


Florencia Nieto

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