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MAGMA is a space dedicated to the production, teaching and diffusion of lithography in Argentina, led by master printer Matias Amici located in the City of Buenos Aires.

In MAGMA artists develop their projects working closely together with a master printer, this opportunity promotes the exchange and experimentation. The master printer is responsible for the printing process, allowing the resident to focus on the creative aspects of the project. Each print is an original because the artist was directly involved in the creation of each image and adopted all the impressions of the whole issue.

Each edition is printed by hand, carefully curated and documented. The studio is equipped for the production and editing of lithography on stone, on aluminum sheet and photolithography, which allows the incorporation of photography and digital imaging

Since 2008 master printer Matias Amici, have been working in publishing graphic work of numerous Argentine artists. He has collaborated on projects by artists from the United States, Canada, Greece, Brazil and Uruguay.

In 2011 Matias Amici attended Tamarind Institute and conducted intensive training in the art of lithography. Tamarind Institute is a production and training in lithography, where printers around the world are trained. That's where he incorporated the concept of collaborative printmaking (collaborative graphic) currently implements in MAGMA.

Collaborative printmaking is the action in which an artist and a printer work together. Each one is an expert in their field and come together to create work that is greater than the sum of the parts involved. The collaboration allows the artist to fully focus on the creative process while the printer takes care of the technical issues.

MAGMA currently continues its contribution to the growth of lithography in Argentina offering their expertise and offering an ideal place for artists who wish to work together in an atmosphere of total concentration and collaboration space.



Manual litographic Krauss press

100 lithographic stones - various sizes

100 m2 space.

Hours and days of operation:

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

*no atelier's keys available to artist

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