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Painting Sculpture Music Printmaking Installation Performance Video Art |

Palmira Studios is available for varied artistic expressions , given its features: ample space and versatility. In the workshop there has been many different ways of expression from sculpture to audiovisual, including painting, printmaking and dance. At the same time it is a place of reflection, meeting and discussion with friends and colleagues

Julian Pesce studied drawing at the National Art School, he is currently studying Electronics Arts at UNTREF. He received the ProyectArte, Stickers and Taglit - Briart scholarships. He teaches at the School City (Colegio ed la Ciudad) and at his personal study. He exhibited in numerous group shows: Centro Cultural Borges, Argentine Consulate in New York and the Aldo Gallery Souza among others. Individually he exhibited his work in the Prometeus Chamber of Recoleta Cultural Center (2013). He received an Honorable Mention in the National Hall of Engraving and discipline.



6m x 14m x 8m height

Windows and natural light

wooden mezzanine

Various materials for sculpture, painting, drawing and music among others.


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