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Weng Pixin (Singapore / Singapore)

Pixin studied Fine Arts at Lasalle College of The Arts. Her work focuses on graphic art and comics, generating narrative works full of color. Weng Pixin freely uses the materials creating series of paintings that tell stories from her day to day. During her R.A.R.O. residency she worked with Julián Pesce and Gustavo Amenedo and she created a series of 45 paintings that later became part of a book published in Singapore, her hometown. At the end of her residency, her works were shown together with those of other residents and artists from the R.A.R.O ateliers at Espacio MODOS.

Curatorial text.

Weng Pixin was raised in Singapore under rational standards and strictly reserved for her thoughts and emotions.

Pixin takes the pencil to raise the voice and to point out what happens, inviting us to feel part of the reality that is represented there.


There are preciousness in her choice of format, where through its lines and colors, it gives rise to an authentic atmosphere. She feels herself at leisure and despite the setbacks - geographical, social and cultural - persists in the construction of a solid and coherent body of work.


She is hurried to specify what she has received during this brief residence in Buenos Aires. However, she has come to appreciate the artists with whom she worked for their generosity and warmth received in the times shared.


Pixin found in Julián Pesce a paramo of sounds that opened her heart and allowed her to create works more emotional. In Gustavo Amenedo, she observed an impeccable and uninterrupted technique throughout the day.


Appreciating this journey of the sun in his studio during the day of work, inspired in her a game of lights and shades very enriching for its works.


Pixin expressed herself and was represented in the works. In a way, and disobeying Yoko Ono's instructions, she decided not to disappear in her drawings. On the contrary, she found in them the place where memory flows.

Silvina Amighini

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